Truly Natural Maple Cream Mustard

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Food for Thought’s Truly Natural Maple Cream Mustard is one of our favorite mustards of all time, and with good reason. You just can't beat that luscious, creamy texture and sharp, mustardy bite smoothed with a hint of maple sweetness. Made from pure Michigan maple syrup, real eggs and tangy mustard, this Maple Cream Mustard's mild kick makes it versatile in the kitchen as well as on the table as a condiment. It pairs well with food, yet is assertive enough to stand up to other ingredients. Maple Cream Mustard makes a superb rub for meat and poultry, and an equally great glaze for roasted or grilled vegetables. Made from clean, all natural ingredients, Maple Cream Mustard is a great tasting food that you can feel good about serving to your family. Proudly made in Traverse City, MI.