Cedar Shore Soaps

Cedar Shore Soaps was created to illuminate a little-known corner of the world that provides the inspiration for the soaps and home goods that are handcrafted in my workshop. The Les Cheneaux Islands are sprinkled along the northern shore of Lake Huron in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and provide the ideas for each bar of soap I make.

Stories, food, places, people and experiences in Les Cheneaux and Michigan are behind the names and recipes used in these natural products that are made with skin-enriching ingredients. I hope the amazing scents we have developed over the years recall memories made in Michigan, or inspire you to create your own.

Cedar Shore Soaps are handmade of all natural ingredients in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  We have been making our soaps and bath salts for nearly 20 years in small batches. Whenever possible, we use locally sourced ingredients like spring water, fresh goat milk, herbs grown in our garden, and clay harvested from our soil. We use mostly natural colorants in our soaps, such as beet powder, calendula, mineral and mica colorings. Our soaps contain simple and skin-enriching ingredients, such as fruit and nut oils and butters, plant extracts and essential oils for scents.

Our long-lasting, all natural cedar soap dishes are hand-crafted by a local wood craftsman. He uses native, sustainably-harvested white cedar, cutting the trees and removing them from the forest by hand, without the help of any machinery.   These dishes are the perfect complement to our soaps, and will help soaps last longer by providing the air circulation they need.

Our soaking salts are a blend of European spa salts, Dead Sea salt and epsom salts to create a refreshing and relaxing bath experience.  We offer two types: soothing lavender and rose, and a spirited cedar scent.

Our soap kitchen is at Applecore General Store in the village of Cedarville, in Michigan's beautiful Les Cheneaux Islands area. You can purchase Cedar Shore Soaps on site at the store, at local art and craft shows, and at the following, independently-owned retail shops:

Applecore General Store - Cedarville, MI 
The Green Thumb Garden Center and Gift Shop - Cedarville, MI
Les Cheneaux Islands Art Gallery - Hessel, MI
Camp Rustics - Cedarville, MI
Mission Point Resort - Mackinac Island, MI