Rock Hunters of Michigan Hoodie | Tee See Tee Exclusive

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Rock Hunting in the Great Lakes State is so amazing. If you know, you know. Scanning the plethora of ancient geological gems along Michigan shorelines is meditative, rewarding, and fascinating. Whether the summer sun graces your back or your face is pummeled by the winter winds while sieving the earth, the variety of stones, fossils, and minerals, are abundant and beautiful. If you’re addicted to the stoney hobby like so many in our state, you likely have collections of rocks scattered throughout your house like little Great Lakes trophies. Tee See Tee has made it easier to identify the different rocks native to the areas around the Midwest Mitten, with this wearable Michigan Rock Hunter design by Home Squirrel of Marquette. The hoodie serves as a map, indicating which rocks can be found and where throughout Michigan. Wear it as a guide, or a badge of honor for your craft, and rock on, Michigan!