English Lit 101 - 7oz Glass Reed Diffuser

$ 37.00
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Our literary themed diffusers are perfect for any book and book lover. The fragrances were inspired by my love of libraries, books and bookstores, and the stories that take us on each adventure. 'English Lit 101' is inspired by that one literary class you took that made you realized your love and thirst for literature. The scent is a wonderful blend of fir, balsam and ginger. Our reed diffusers are a delightful way to spread pleasant fragrance throughout your room. Simply open the bottle and pop in the reeds. Within a few hours the fragrance will soak up the reeds and begin to scent your space. Works best in small to medium sized rooms. For larger spaces, use three or more reeds. TESTERS are available. Limit ONE tester per scent, per order. Please contact us if you have multiple locations that may need testers. Hand Poured in the USA 7 oz glass vessel with a rubber stopper and silver top 6 Natural Wood Reeds Packaged in a cotton pouch