Wicked Soaps Co. - Lavender + Mint Beeswax Candle

$ 10.00
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Wicked Soaps Co. beeswax candles are created in small batches using 100% natural locally sourced raw beeswax and essential oils. Hand-poured in an elegant gold tin and finished with a minimalist and decorative label, our candles are beautiful on the coffee table, nightstand, or bathroom vanity, and are perfect for traveling.   Beeswax burns hotter and slower than other waxes, creating a longer lasting candle that emits a bright and warm sunlight-type glow, and imparts a beautiful sweet honey scent. Essential Oil Blend: Lavender | Peppermint | Rosemary Height: 1.75 inches Diameter: 2.5 inches Net Wt: 3 oz Burn time: Approximately 15 hours